Friday, May 30, 2014

Red and Black Scrappy Mountain Majesties

the happy recipients
Cheshire cat smiles

 Scrappy Mountain Majesties in Red and Black

two borders

on the longarm at Marriner's Compass Quilt Shop

Hard at work

and of course a label
completed project.

     This is the scrappy mountain majesties quilt in reds and blacks that I made for friends.   They were kind enough to install a handicap shower when my Hubby came home from the hospital after his stroke.   It really has been a Godsend.   Her favorite color is black, so I added red to it. It is very scrappy with all kinds of red and black prints.  Loved doing this.   I love this pattern and have made several.  It is quick and easy, but looks complicated.
       I am working on a small version.  This one used 8 1/2" squares to start.  I am now using 4 1/2" squares.   It is really cute.
     This one was quilted by me.  I rented time on the long arm and am doing all right for now.  Would like to have one so I could get better at it. The label is ala Bonnie Hunter.    I did it the way she does hers.  She suggests your own handwriting, although I make mistakes, I still leave it as is.  I give her credit for the pattern, who made it, who quilted it and who gets it with the date.  This one I added washing directions.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

About time!!!

Clue 4 - my sewing (room) space
clues 1-5
first 2 blocks DONE
It's about time I got the clues all done.
I have had a busy winter.  Sometimes out every day for physical therapy and Doctor's visits.
I still have to do all the barn chores, tending to wood fires and all the household chores, too.   It
takes a lot of time to do all of this.  Week-ends are no better.  Always something to take me from
my sewing machine or else too tired to even think about it.   
     I have been working on my hand quilted wedding quilt.   It will be done soon.  FINISH is my 
word for the year.  I probably will be finished when this year is done, Me that is.
I think the colors of these blocks look great.  Was not  sure about the orange and greens, not my 
favorite colors.   I am finding them to my liking.   Looks good against my scrappy Purple Mountain 
Majesties quilt, which is mine to keep and on my bed.   Love it.
I gave my Easy Street to my Granddaughter for her 17th birthday.  She was speechless. Could not
believe   I had given it to her.  She loves it and has it on her bed.   She has a twin bed and has the queen-size quilt folded to fit.
Hubby is doing well.  Gaining every day.  His spirit is better with the gains he is making.   Getting more 
independent all the time.  Praise the Lord!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I have had a busy time since I last posted

My Hubby after his stroke
On September 17, 2013 my Hubby had a stroke.   He was in the hospital and New England Rehab until October 11.
I went to Portland everyday from 6 to 8 hours a day to help with and learn how to take care of him.   I helped with therapy and how to take care of him when he came  home.  It was a very tiring time.   My daughter from Virginia stayed with me from Oct. 1 to 21.  She was a big help and comfort. 

Post surgery
On November 25th, he had surgery on his Carotid artery.  Again he was overnight in the hospital in Portland.
My daughter again came from Virginia to help out.   My oldest grandson came with her.  They were a real comfort.
My second attempt at Longarm quilting

close-up of cowboy block
This is the cowboy quilt I made for my son for his 45th birthday.   He was very pleased with it.  I am still  finishing sewing on the binding by hand.
I have been working on another quilt that I will show at a later date.   I have also been working on Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice.
I have clue 1 & 2 done and working on clue 3.    I had to put these on hold in order to finish the Cowboy quilt.  I actually worked on clue 3 as leaders and enders.   
   As far as Hubby goes, he is coming along slowly.   After Rehab he developed hand and shoulder syndrome.   It caused him lots of pain.   With the new meds that seems to be helping the pain.   He is doing more with his hand.   He can walk without his cane now, but  only on even going and inside.  Takes a long time to get over this.   But, his spirits are good.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Quilt cruise

Sawyer Glacier
on the Norwegian Jewel 13th deck open air (except for some Plexiglas) favorite place
my cabin mate from Calgary, Kat
This has taken a long time to post.   On the cruise, I did not have internet usage, so no post.
I took a lot of photos but I am having trouble with my photo program, trying to transfer them.  My Kodak program won't work and I can't work the Nikon program yet.   So here is a few shots from my phone.
    Had a wonderful, wonderful time.   You can't imagine unless you have been to the Inside Passage, Alaska.   I loved it. The Sawyer Glacier and the trip up the Tracy Arm was breathtaking.  I really got some beautiful pictures, but having problems transferring them.
Had a great time in class with Bonnie, but can't show you the quilt I started YET  You know she has many secrets she can't show because of coming books, magazines or mysteries.
  Kat, my cabin mate from Calgary was very gracious to put up with me.  Actually, we got along very well.   Had a great time and I am thankful that she wanted to be in my cabin, Thanks, Kat!!!
   It took me several days at home to finally get my land legs under me, after over 7500 miles in motion, either in air or on sea.   I was surprised my house was rocking just like the ship.  I have been really tired but am very happy that I went.   It was an experience that I won't soon forget.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Bags are packed

Bags are packed and I am ready and rearing to go
My Bags are packed and Bonnie, here I come!!!  I can't believe the time has finally come.   I will be leaving for Boston at 3:15 tonight (tomorrow morning), then off to Seattle to catch my cruise ship.
I have never been to the West Coast, never cruised and never been to Alaska.   I haven't flown in 47 years, way back in 1966 from Portland to Washington D.C.
My quilt project is all packed and ready to sew.  My hexie bag is ready.
My Hubby is missing me all ready, poor boy!!!   He has a busy week planned.  He will be haying for 3 days and two different fairs for ox pulling for 3 days.  I hate to miss Union Fair but, I AM ALASKA BOUND!!!!

Sunday-quilting at sea
Thursday-quilting at sea
Friday- Victoria B.C.
Saturday-Seattle, then home

Monday, July 29, 2013

18 days to go!

notice the light on my treadle!
BBQ utensil light.???
When Bonnie Hunter told about the magnetic light for the featherweight, I started thinking about it.
When I was in Tractor Supply yesterday, I noticed this little light.  HMMMM, maybe that would work.   It was only $3.99 so I got it.   Works great!!!.   So, today I went back and bought the last one for my Featherweight.  I am a happy camper.  Since it was the last one, I thought I would check it out to see if I could find more. here we come.   This is what I found for $6.92 if you have Prime it is free shipping.  Just look for BBQ utensil magnetic  light, and there it was.
   As for quilting, let's see,  I had 3 quilts hung in the Maine State Quilt Show put on by the Pine Tree Quilter's Guild.  I was so excited, yes, I have put in quilts before but not 3.   They were all Bonnie Hunter designs:  Easy Street,  Scrappy (Purple) Mountain Majesties and Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll.  I did not have them judged, chicken, I guess.  I think the show will be up on the Maine Quilts website soon.   They are pretty good about posting pictures.
    I am presently working on a scrappy apple core. I was busy cutting up scraps and had purchased the apple core die for my "GO" so, the bigger pieces went into apple cores.  I was laying it out with the group and they wanted to see how it would come out.   Now I have it  about  half done.   I am using a scrappy 4 patch as my leaders and enders. They will be alternated with 6 inch double pink squares.  I saw this quilt at an antique shop and really liked it.   I already have enough 2 patches, now to put them together.  Smith Mountain morning and Jamestown landing still on hold.  BECAUSE, I will be starting another BH quilt when we cruise to ALASKA in 18 days.  Can't wait!!!!!!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Fabric all cut and packaged for my Alaska quilt cruise quilt!
notice the mosquitos!

Latest painting!!!   Greeting cards of Pemaquid Point Lighthouse.

Kaleidoscope Quilters Mystery Quilt
"Summer Breeze by Judy Hopkins.
I call mine "Bumblebee Summer Breeze"

My Easy Street at show n tell with "TaDa"  Bonnie Hunter
     Okay,  I know, I haven't posted for quite some time, about 6 weeks.   I haven't been idle.   My computer had to spend about a month at the "Dr.s".   He was very sick.  Actually, had to completely wipe out the hard drive and reinstall a new operating system $$$$.    Then when it finally came home, I had a virus.  Luckily, it was not a month and big bucks to get me back on my feet.
     Well,  Had a great time with Bonnie Hunter!!!!!!!    Now, I have two UFO's from her two classes that I took.    I have not had time to work on Smith Mountain Morning or Jamestown landing.   I have been too busy with "life".  I do plan on doing SMM, using Jamestown landing as Leaders and enders.
Bonnie is every bit as fun as she is on Quilt Cam.   I was totally enthralled with her.  Can't wait for my Alaska cruise in August.   I have been following her trip to Ireland and was so jealous, wish I could have gone, too.   But Alaska will be great.
     I took another painting class this spring.  I have a big painting that I am still working on.   I needed a couple of cards, so I decided to do some original works.   I love Pemaquid Point lighthouse.  So, I chose that as my subject from a photo I took on a recent trip there with my grandson.  We had a great time. Had fun with these cards, plan on more.
     Our chapter of the Pine Tree Quilter's Guild is Kaleidoscope.  This spring we had a mystery quilt challenge.   I did not have time to do it as the challenge progressed because of Bonnie's classes I had to prepare for, so I did it all at once.   It is a Judy Hopkin's mystery.  It is supposed to be more light than dark, but I had less yellow and decided to do it the other way.   I am very happy with it.   I tried for the first time to machine quilt  feathers on my home machine.   Well, black on black looks pretty good.   Just don't look too close.  It just reminded me of bumblebees, thus the name  Bumblebee Summer Breeze.